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Why should you invest your EPF (KWSP) into Unit Trust

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EPF (KWSP)  for retirement usage

EPF (KWSP) is for your retirement usage. Thus you must be careful in your financial planning to ensure you have a good life in retirement. But, investment of EPF into UNIT TRUST doesnt effect your financial planning but give you more profitable return.

To invest in Unit Trust with EPF scheme, the fund taken from account one. Account one, the fund that you cant touch until your retirement day at 55. The only way you use it is by transfer it into approved Unit Trust investment.

The fund from your Account One directly transfer into your choice of Unit Trust fund. This Unit Trust fund cant be withdraw until age 55. As conclusion, the fund still secure until your retirement time.

Be a smart Malaysian!

The option to transfer your EPF fund to approved Unit Trust must be use by all of us. EPF gives you 4% investment return per year but Unit Trust gives you at least 12% investment return per year.  School kid at instance will know which one is better.

How much can I withdraw from my EPF(KWSP)?

You cant transfer all of your EPF fund into Unit Trust. How much? Please click here for the calculation. I wrote the post in Malay. Please let me know if you want me to translate it in English.

What are you waiting for?

Maximize your EPF fund now! Dont wait next year or next 5 years. Every year you will gain profit. Start now. How to invest?

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