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Planning RM100K fund for your children / kids?

planning rm100k fund for your kids - Planning RM100K fund for your children / kids?

Early stage of marriage, many of us struggling to get the stable financial phase. Find a decent house, allocation to furnish the house, good car ( at least 2 cars if the couple are working ), more money needed when you have a baby.

My friend married at young age (25) , just get a new car, new fully furnished renovated semi d house. How he managed that?

His parents do savings for him since age 1 in insurance plan. Age of 18, his fund is around RM95K. The parents didn’t withdraw the fund as he have scholarship. The fund continue to grow and more savings added regular basis.

Age of 25, the fund grow to RM125K. As he married now, he withdraw the part of the fund for his need. Cars and house. His financial is good and stable.

Im so jealous! I wish my parents do the same thing to me. By the way past is past, now Im a father. I sign up investment link plan for my baby (PRUmychild).

RM200 a month. Comprehensive plan. Life Insurance + Critical Illness + Accidental + Medical Card + Savings.

With this plan, my baby hospitalization covered by Prudential and unthinkable happen is insured. Plus, im expecting education fund RM100K upon age 18 or continue there will be RM130K age 25.

Life is a struggle, I am struggle financially in early stage of my career, early stage of my of marriage, early stage of my fatherhood and early stage of my business. Hope this savings plan will aid my son’s financial journey as an adult.