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PRUhealth. Gives you bonuses when you are healthy. (Medical Plan)

pruhealth1 - PRUhealth. Gives you bonuses when you are healthy. (Medical Plan)

What is PRUhealth?

  • Gives you bonuses when you are healthy
  • Takes care of your medical bills when you are not

All insurance provider have their own medical plan with Medical Card. But PRUhealth not just another medical rider plan which cover your hospital expenses (Medical Card).

Why PRUhealth so special?

Because PRUhealth reward you with NCB (No Claims Bonus).  Means if you are healthy throughout the year, Prudential reward you.

Before PRUhealth available in the market, Im having another medical plan since 2 years back. I never use my medical card to reimbursed my hospital expenses because I never ill or got any accident. I pay premiums every months and nothing benefits me as im healthy 🙁 .

Now Im changing to PRUhealth. Because of the rewards. 🙂

How much PRUhealth will rewards you?

Please refer to tabulated plan below

pruhealth plan - PRUhealth. Gives you bonuses when you are healthy. (Medical Plan)

I choose PRUhealth 200, hence my NCB is RM300.  Hopefully next year, I will receive RM300 reward.

Why you should have PRUhealth?

Those who have insurance are concern about their health. By having medical insurance, major medical expenses will be covered and you have no worry about money.

You have been paying premiums for 5 years and yet nothing been covered by your insurance as you are not sick.  At this stage, you must be thinking that you are paying for nothing every months.

This is unfair.

You should been covered when you need it and you should be rewarded if you are healthy.

A to Z info regarding PruHealth Malaysia?

Download the PRUhealth brochure here