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Takaful Medical Card for My Baby. RM60 monthly

adam fareeq rm60 takaful prubsn medical card - Takaful Medical Card for My Baby. RM60 monthly

My first son born on 14 March 2010. Immediately after name registration with Jabatan Pendaftaran, I sign him up with Prudential BSN Takaful Medical Card plan.

How much the price? Just RM60 monthly.

The benefits are RM50,000 yearly and RM500,000 for lifetime for Hospital and Surgical Benefit and Outpatient Treatment Benefit. This card allow him to get best medical treatment in private hospitals like Pusrawi KL, Prince Court KL , KPJ Shah Alam Seksyen 20 Selangor and more. Listing click below

PruBSN Hospital List

I sign up medical card plan as soon as possible (earliest is 2 weeks after born) , to ensure that he pass the grace period as soon as possible then he is fully covered.

Sign up today doesnt mean you will be covered in 24 hours, you need to wait 30 days before the plan activated. Now I have no worries about my kid hospitalisation treatment!