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How to choose the best insurance company? How to find a good insurance agent?

how to find a good insurance agent for yourself - How to choose the best insurance company? How to find a good insurance agent?

How to choose the best insurance company?

1. Ask your relatives or best friends.

Get their feedback why they sign up for the company. If their answer because the agent is their friend. Hence the reason not valid.

The good reason is like, they have done research and comparison and this X company gives the best benefits with the cheapest premiums.
Or, they searched on internet what is no. 1 insurance in Malaysia and decided to have it.

2. Ask their experience regarding protection and claim.

If your friends and relatives promoting any particular brand of insurance. Ask them how the claim experience. Easy or just OK.
It is not valid if they never made any claim or been hospitalized and covered by the company.

3. Ask nurse or doctor at your favorite clinic.

Ask them what is the best. And please don’t forget to ask why. Their answer is with credibility as they are working in medical and treatment industry.

4. Find out which insurance company accepted at your nearest private hospital.

Go to your nearest private hospital and ask them which insurance company accepted here. There will be a list of insurance company accepted. Please ask which one they prefer.

6. Do own research

You may collect information by internet or refer yourself to Life Insurance Association of Malaysia (LIAM). Please seek an advice from them.

How to find a good insurance agent for yourself?

1. Make sure the agent based nearby. (eg Klang Valley)

You may get him for any queries and emergency easier.

2. Make sure the agent is lot younger than you.

Agent will help you for all the claim process and hospitalization documentation. If you are 28 year old now and your agent is 44 years old. With logic, your agent maybe leaving this world before you, your agent will have illness before you and your agent will retired soon. Then you will have no agent to help you.

3. If you have any preferred insurance company, please do an appointment with at least 2 insurance agent from the same company.

Please don’t blindly trust the agent which recommended by friends or relatives. You do have an option to seek an advice from the thousands of agent out there.

From this exercise, you will notice the level of knowledge from the both agent and you know which one you will decide to sign up with.

4. The agent must have time for you.

If the agent meet you for an appointment and he said he just have one hour for you for the presentation and he have another appointment afterward. This is not a good agent.

The agent must have time for you as you need to understand a lots of information before you can sign up for an insurance. One hour is not enough. Having next appointment and just allocate little time for you showing that he has no respect for you.