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PruBSN Aspirasi Savings Plan

aspirasi 2 1 - PruBSN Aspirasi Savings Plan

Tiada siapa mahukan bencana menimpa diri mereka. Namun kita harus bersiap sedia dengan pelbagai kemungkinan dalam kehidupan.

PruBSN Aspirasi menyediakan peluang simpanan dan perlindungan Takaful sekiranya berlaku Hilang Upaya Kekal dan Menyeluruh (TPD) atau kematian.

Antara keistimewaan PruBSN Aspirasi adalah jaminan bayaran pada tempoh matang.

Pada akhir tempoh manfaat, anda akan menerima 100% Jumlah Perlindungan Asas.
Info lanjut di:

Tertakluk pada terma dan syarat.
Hubungi Perunding Takaful kami hari ini untuk rundingan PERCUMA.

012 223 4676 – Amirol Ariff

012 273 6836 – Zetty Zahrina

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Pru Value Med. Say farewell to annual medical limit!

pru value med medical card - Pru Value Med. Say farewell to annual medical limit!


We all know just how crucial medical care is in today’s world and the need for healthcare becomes even more paramount as we age. With the escalating cost of healthcare, have you ever wondered if you are able to safeguard yourself against any uncertainty and insufficient savings for healthcare?

Wouldn’t it be great if there is a medical plan that not only promises you a lifetime of assurance for all your medical needs, but also helps you save with more benefits?

Introducing PRUvalue med, a medical plan that combines extraordinary values and savings. With PRUvalue med, you will never have to choose between your health and finances as your healthcare needs are what matters most to us. Get MORE with PRUvalue med.


What is PRUvalue med?

PRUvalue med is a regular premium investment-linked medical rider that reimburses medical expenses incurred in the event of hospitalization and for outpatient treatment.

All insurance provider have their own medical plan with Medical Card. But PRUvalue med not just another medical rider plan which cover your hospital expenses (Medical Card).


Why PRUvalue med so special?


PruValue Med does not have any annual limit for your hospital bills. YES! NO MORE Annual limit like other medical card plans out there.

Other than that, the PruValue Med minimum cover is RM 1,000,000.00. No joke people, that is the minimum cover that the company is offering to you Malaysia.

Yet still, 1 million is still a capped amount. What would happen if the 1 million is finished? No worries! your medical card will cover 80% of any medical expenses after your selected medical cover is finished.

Finally a worry less medical card which covers you even though your limit is finished. You don’t have to worry anymore on how much the hospital will charge your bill and you will not have to worry anymore on how much your medical limit is left.

Act fast!

Call me NOW for free quotations and explanation regarding the plan!

012-223 4676  Amirol Ariff

012-273 6836 Zetty Zahrina

pru value med prudential medical card - Pru Value Med. Say farewell to annual medical limit!



Call Me Now.

012-223 4676 Amirol Ariff

012-273 6836 Zetty Zahrina


img 11808494078773 - Accidents

Take the responsible step, get yourself protected.

Call NOW for free quotation from plans ranging from Life Protection, Personal Accidental Plan, Medical Cards, Education Fund, Retirement Fund, Critical Illness Plan and Many more.


Call NOW for details:

Amirol Ariff 012-223 4676

Zetty Zahrina 012-273 6836

Education Plan RM200 sebulan

dipetik dari sharing seorang Ejen di Prudential.



Seorang prospek ini beritahu yang dia baru sahaja beli satu polisi Education Plan untuk anaknya bernilai RM200.

Saya tanyakan, apa yang Tuan faham tentang Education Plan?

Katanya sebab ada bonus kecemerlangan akademik.

Saya ceritakan tentang kos pendidikan untuk 10 – 15 tahun akan datang padanya. Saya tunjukkan figure dibawah, dia terkejut.

Education Plan adalah bagaimana kita menjana wang untuk membiayai kos pendidikan anak-anak dimasa hadapan.

Saya tunjukkan “Hybrid Education Plan”, beliau angguk dan minta untuk berfikir.

Takaful/Insuran bukan gebang claim tunjuk cek.

Takaful/Insuran adalah BAGAIMANA kita memastikan pelanggan terhindar dari MUSIBAH kewangan jika mereka meninggal dunia, hilang upaya kekal dan bertarung nyawa dengan sakit kritikal dan bilamana hasrat seorang bapa untuk memberikan pendidikan terbaik pada anaknya terlaksana walau beliau tiada……….


kos pendidikan - Education Plan RM200 sebulan

Ingin merancang plan pendidikan untuk anak anda?

Bertindaklah sekarang dengan menghubungi 012-223 4676 atau 012-273 6836 untuk penerangan lebih lanjut.

New Takaful Medical Card, Takaful Health Enrich

takaful health enrich - New Takaful Medical Card, Takaful Health Enrich

Takaful Health Enrich

“At PruBSN, we want our customers to live their lives to the fullest whilst still having the peace of mind that they are medically covered regardless of their lifestyle. We understand that each person’s lifestyle is different and we all have different needs and wants at each juncture. We believe that each person’s health is a privilege and they deserve a plan that reflects their personal medical needs. This is the thought that gave birth to HealthEnrich.”

“You can receive the best healthcare treatment at private hospitals here but the costs are not easily afforded by the general public. At PruBSN, we understand our customers and the public’s wish to provide themselves and their families with the best possible medical protection supported by the best service. HealthEnrich medical plan serves to provide the best healthcare treatment for individuals and enables them to enjoy true peace of mind at an affordable cost.”

HealthEnrich introduces a number of new, dynamic features. These include provision of a second medical opinion, organ transplant, dedicated medical attendant, preferred hospitals and maternity complications, which is the first to be provided by a Takaful Operator.

This plan starts with HealthEnrich Vital. It is designed for vibrant and young adults who are just embarking on adulthood and the commitments that come with it. This plan gives them the security they need as they set out on their adult life and to travel the world with ease and knowing that they are medically covered. It also gives them the flexibility to upgrade their plan as their needs grow with their changing lifestyle.

health enrich vital eng - New Takaful Medical Card, Takaful Health Enrich

The second plan under HealthEnrich is HealthEnrich Select. As one starts a family, there are increased responsibilities. PruBSN realises this and offers HealthEnrich Select which provides optimum protection for an individual. This plan has unique benefits for expecting mothers covering maternity complications and provides for the preference of co-takaful or full coverage for one’s medical bills giving one added security and peace of mind.

health enrich select eng - New Takaful Medical Card, Takaful Health Enrich

Also part of HealthEnrich, PruBSN offers individuals always on the go a plan that provides for their future medical needs with HealthEnrich Advanced. An individual can carry on with their hectic lifestyle and rest assured that they are medically covered should any untoward incident happen to them. An additional benefit under this plan is that it rewards an individual for healthy living with a no claim bonus under the co-takaful option.

health enrich advanced eng - New Takaful Medical Card, Takaful Health Enrich

Catering for the more advantaged individuals, PruBSN’s HealthEnrich Premier offers superior healthcare and addresses one’s prominent lifestyle. Among the added benefits that come with HealthEnrich Premier is a dedicated medical attendant to assist them during their stay at the hospital.

health enrich premier eng - New Takaful Medical Card, Takaful Health Enrich

With customers’ interests paramount, PruBSN constantly seeks to ensure its products and financial solutions fulfill its customers’ needs according to their different lifestyles. HealthEnrich also offers the option of full coverage for covered medical bills without any co-takaful and the choice of a very early entry age as just two of the added features of this plan.

HealthEnrich Advanced & HealthEnrich Premier also provide a second medical opinion from local or international medical experts and all four HealthEnrich plans come with a medical card that gives an individual immediate access to medical assistance at any of PruBSN’s panel hospitals.

PruBSN HealthEnrich is available in conjunction with PruBSN Link Series.

Additional info regarding Prudential BSN Takaful’s Health Enrich Plans:

health enrich faq 1 - New Takaful Medical Card, Takaful Health Enrichhealth enrich faq 2 - New Takaful Medical Card, Takaful Health Enrich*HURRY!!

Call/Whatsapp/SMS/Email now for further explanation regarding this plan:Zetty Zahrina Dato’ Zahar – 012 2736836

Amirol Ariff Nazarudin – 012 2234676


The Reason Why I Need Insurance….

My Client’s confession……

Here I list down five main reasons why I bought an insurance and why everybody should have one too. P/S: I am not trying to sell anything here, just stressing out something important that everyone should know.

  1. For My Own Protection – When I was about to resign from my job, I was thinking, what if I suddenly had a serious illness or involved in accident and not able to work and earn any income? what will happen to me? Yes, I still have my family, but would it be fair to burden them? Would I want to burden them? I am not married, so I cannot be asking help from my husband. Will I have enough savings for the treatment and those health related matter? Will I trouble my parents and siblings for that? Sometimes, these thought made me having sleepless nights. With an insurance policy, at least I am covered for my illnesses with adequate financial support for any expensive treatment.
  2. For My Savings – I am a business minded person which means that I am very calculative when it comes to my money but there are times that I spend money just to make myself and people who surrounds me happy. Yes, I do have my own savings in the bank and in mutual funds but with insurance, It’s another medium for me to force myself into saving a few hundred bucks monthly by contributing to my insurance premium and one thing for sure, by receiving my yearly account statement, I know where my money goes too.
  3. For My Investment – Partial of my premium will be invested into selected funds with a handsome return that you can’t resist. Absolutely a great way to have extra money and it is safer too as insurance minimize the risk factor on your investment.
  4. For My Retirement – With the hope that everything goes well without me making any major claims or withdrawals, I can retire early and receive my investments and live in Paris with my cats.
  5. For My Future – When I learned that your premium increases together with your age, I realize that I really need to have an insurance coverage as early as possible. I do not want to wait until I have my own family or other big financial commitments in life as by then, the premium to start an enrollment for my insurance will be very high and insurance company have the rights to rejects or excludes applications with health problems. Among all of the above, the main reason why I decide to take up an insurance coverage is still based on the first reason which is PROTECTION. In case of any accidents or serious illnesses, there will be a strong financial support for myself and my family.


Introducing Prudential PRU88 !


In celebration of our 88th Anniversary, we would like to present this SPECIALLY designed insurance plan that is SIMPLE, EASY, AFFORDABLE and provides you with Guaranteed Cash Payment and Maturity Benefit. The Guaranteed Cash Payment and Maturity Benefit will sum up to 100% of your total premium paid at the end of the policy period.

A SIMPLE, EASY and AFFORDABLE life insurance plan just for you…

This limited pay non-participating plan provides guaranteed cash payments payable via cheque at the end of the 5th, 10th and 15th policy years.

Grab this golden opportunity now because this product is only available for sale until 31 December 2012.

Premium Payment Term 10
Coverage Term 20
  Age Next Birthday Basic Sum Assured
Death / Total Permanent Disability (TPD)* 1-44 RM20,000
45-55 RM12,000
Accidental Death* / Accidental TPD*  1-44 RM80,000
45-55 RM48,000
Guaranteed Cash Payments   5th policy year RM500
10th policy year RM1,000
15th policy year RM1,000
Maturity Benefit   RM8,060
Surrender value will be payable upon policy surrender. We will pay you the surrender value according to monthly premium mode and refund any unearned premiums for other premium modes (yearly, healf-yearly and quarterly). Please refer to the Product Disclosure Sheet for the amount of surrender value.

* expires at age 70

How much do I need to pay and how do I pay my premium?

You are only required to pay RM88 per month. Premiums can be paid yearly, half-yearly, quarterly or monthly via Auto Debit, Credit Card, Cash or Cheque.

The premium that you have to pay according to the different premium frequencies are as follows.

Premium Frequency RM
Monthly 88
Quarterly 264
Half-Yearly 528
Yearly 1,056

Anyone between the ages 1-55 years on their next birthday can puchase PRU88.

pru881 - Introducing Prudential PRU88 !

PRU88 is another special product that meets your financial goals. Grab this golden opportunity now because we will only offer this product for a limited period!!

PRUmychild – PRUearly start and PRUbest start Congenital Illnesses Definition with Diagram

prumychild malaysia congenital illnesses 101 - PRUmychild - PRUearly start and PRUbest start Congenital Illnesses Definition with Diagram

Have you read PRUearly start / PRUbest start brochure?  Check on infant coverage for congenital illnesses. Do you understand the medical term?

I also didn’t understand all of the medical term. To aid my presentation and help my client to understand, below are the compilations of PRUearly start and PRUbest start Congenital Illnesses Definition with Diagram / Pictures.

1.Congenital Deafness

congenital deafness - PRUmychild - PRUearly start and PRUbest start Congenital Illnesses Definition with Diagram

Loss of hearing present at birth.

2. Congenital Cataract

congenital cataract - PRUmychild - PRUearly start and PRUbest start Congenital Illnesses Definition with Diagram

A congenital cataract is clouding of the lens of the eye, that is present at birth.

3. Anal Atresia

anal atresia - PRUmychild - PRUearly start and PRUbest start Congenital Illnesses Definition with Diagram

The anus is either not present or it is in the wrong place.

4. Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia

congenital diaphragmatic hernia - PRUmychild - PRUearly start and PRUbest start Congenital Illnesses Definition with Diagram

A diaphragmatic hernia is a birth defect in which there is an abnormal opening in the diaphragm, the muscle that helps you breathe. The opening allows part of the organs from the belly (stomach, spleen, liver, and intestines) to go up into the chest cavity near the lungs.

5. Infantile Hydrocephalus

infantile hydrocephalus - PRUmychild - PRUearly start and PRUbest start Congenital Illnesses Definition with Diagram

Build up of fluid inside the head during infancy, leading to enlargement of the head. Hydrocephalus means “water on the brain.”

6. Tetralogy of Fallot

tetralogy of fallot - PRUmychild - PRUearly start and PRUbest start Congenital Illnesses Definition with Diagram

A birth defect of the heart consisting of four abnormalities that results in insufficiently oxygenated blood pumped
to the body.

7. Transposition of Great Vessels

transposition of great vessels - PRUmychild - PRUearly start and PRUbest start Congenital Illnesses Definition with Diagram

A congenital heart defect in which the two major vessels that carry blood away from the heart — the aorta and the pulmonary artery — are switched (transposed).

8. Truncus Arteriosus

truncus arteriosus1 - PRUmychild - PRUearly start and PRUbest start Congenital Illnesses Definition with Diagram

A rare type of congenital heart disease characterized by a single blood vessel arising from the right and left ventricles,
instead of the normal two (pulmonary artery and aorta).

9.  Atrial Septal Defect

atrial septal defect - PRUmychild - PRUearly start and PRUbest start Congenital Illnesses Definition with Diagram

A congenital heart defect in which the wall that separates the upper heart chambers (atria) does not close completely.

10. Ventricular Septal Defect

ventricular septal defect - PRUmychild - PRUearly start and PRUbest start Congenital Illnesses Definition with Diagram

A congenital heart defect in which one or more holes in the wall that separates the right and left ventricles of the heart.

Sign up PRUmy child plan with me today!

prumychild t shirt - Sign up PRUmy child plan with me today!

Sign up PRUmy child plan with me today! and get yourself free PRUmychild T-shirt for your love ones. *while stock last

Email me your info for quotation

PRUmychild (before birth)

1. Name of Mother
2. Date of Birth (Mother)
3. Smoking or not
4. Annual Income
5. Contact Number
6. Location
7. How many weeks of pregnancy?
8. Expected Delivery Date
9. Budget monthly (RM100 and above)

PRUmychild (after birth)

1. Name of Father/Mother
2. Date of Birth Father/Mother
3. Smoking or not
4. Annual Income
5. Contact Number
6. Location
7. Date of Birth Kids
8. Budget monthly (RM100 and above)


Get yourself PRUmyChild Board Game if you sign all family plan with me

prumy child board game - Sign up PRUmy child plan with me today!

PRUmychild plan before birth?

prumychild prubest start pruearly start - PRUmychild plan before birth?

You can take up this plan for your unborn child as early as 18 weeks into your pregnancy. Why as so early?  Because PRUmychild is the only insurance plan covering congenital conditions.

3 need heart surgery - PRUmychild plan before birth?

Protect your loves one by sign up for PRUmychild with PRUearly start / PRUbest start.

PRUearly start / PRUbest start covers

Child Care Benefit

1. Hospitalisation of child due to Congenital Conditions – Reimbursement
of hospitalisation claims up to RM25,000 annually (up to age 2 years)

2.ICU / HDU for Premature Birth RM500 daily (max 30 days)

3.Incubation of new born child immediately following birth RM200 daily (max 60 days)

Pregnancy Care Benefit * you may enhanced the protection by sign up for PRUlady plan.

1. Pregnancy Complications Eclampsia, Abruptio placentae, Amniotic fluid embolism RM5,000

2. Maternal death up to 30 days from delivery RM20,000

Total premiums paid will be returned

1. Death of Foetus

2. Infant death within 30 days of birth