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Benefits of PRUHealth Medical Card Plan

pruhealth - Benefits of PRUHealth Medical Card Plan

COMPREHENSIVE coverage for hospitalisation and surgery bills

PRUhealth is a plan that provides COMPREHENSIVE medical coverage by reimbursing
your major medical expenses incurred in the event of hospitalisation, surgery or outpatient
treatment. Get peace of mind when you need it the most!


An innovative medical plan that rewards you with annual bonuses1 of up to RM500 when
you do not make any claim for the year. Your bonuses will automatically be credited in
the form of additional units to be invested into funds of your choice, thus increasing your
investment value, or to be withdrawn+ should you have the need to.

An option to WAIVE the annual claims limit

Worried that your medical bills might surpass your annual limit? You are now given the
flexibility to waive the annual limit of your plan by attaching an optional PRUannual
limit waiver rider2 to your PRUhealth plan which enables you to make claims above your
annual limit.

CHOICE OF PLANS to suit your budget

From as low as RM100 a month, you can choose from 5 different PRUhealth plans to suit
your lifestyle and needs.

Coverage of up to age 100

PRUhealth gives you the choice of protection through all stages in life by covering your
medical bills even up to age 100!

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