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I would like to invite you to join my agency as Prudential Wealth Planer.

Im looking for  energetic individual with  high determination to change their lifestyle and have better working environment with promising career advancement.

1. Male or Female

2. Below 35 years old

3. Have own transport

4. Prefer with degree from any field.

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Prudential offers great commission scheme for their agent (repeating commission for 6 years). Please refer below for 2 years income projection

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Plus, oversea trip rewards (StarClub, 2019 is Istanbul, Turkey and Santorini, Greece), gifts reward, gadget rewards, dinner reward, cash reward and many more.


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68 responses to “Join Us

  1. Salam..
    apakah soklan lazim yang slalu kluar dalam exam nanti?

    • zetamiprudential

      kalau nak tahu mengenai soalan lazim yang keluar exam, saya sarankan untuk contact saya di 0122234676…terima kasih

  2. Salam.. I’m interested to start a part time career as an insurance agent and i thought Prudential could be a starting platform for me. Seek your advise on step by step to become one.. = )

    • zetamiprudential

      Mr. Adam…can you send to me your hp number so that I can further advise to you regarding the matter…?
      thank you.

  3. Hi. May I know more about becoming a wealth planner? Please email me thanks~

  4. Hi m one of prudential saving n protection card holder. Interested to be a part time agent but m frm sarawak.

    • zetamiprudential

      Yes you can helena…can i get your telephone number so that I can further explain to you regarding on how to be an agent?
      hope to hear from you soon…tq

      • Rosliza Alis

        sy berminat kerja part time ttp tak tau bgm mana mula. sy stay in penang dan bekerja sbg guru.blh sy jd ejen

      • zetamiprudential

        Boleh Cikgu Rosliza…
        cuma boleh send to me your contact number so that I can contact you to explain further regarding on how to become an agent…tq

  5. as salam.interesting to become pru kak

  6. become pru agent

  7. Salam,En.Amirol sy minat nak jadi agen,Boleh terangkan macam untuk bermula.Terima kasih.

    • zetamiprudential

      salam norida…please sms to me ur contact number to 0122234676 and i’ll terangkan dgn lebih lanjut…tq

  8. bro,
    interested to b a part-time agent….im based in penang(b’worth)..plz reply tq


    • zetamiprudential

      bro stanley…please sms me ur contact number to 0122234676 and i’ll further brief u on the matter…tq

  9. nanie hj arshad

    hi en amirol
    i berminat nak menjadi agent prudential.
    boleh tak u advice me sedikit bagaimana and apa yang akan ditanya dalam exam nanti?


    • zetamiprudential

      salam nanie…please do sms me ur contact number to 0122234676.

      what do you need to register exam is ur photocopy ic and ur spm/stpm/diploma/degree/masters/phd cert copy.

      sms me ur contact number and i’ll further brief u on the matter…tq

  10. saya berminat nak joint as part time and may be full time.
    saya ada dip in psychology shj. skrg working as military . now at kl and will be tranfer to kedah. at sg ptani ada prudential bsn takaful. should i go there? it’s prudential and prudential bsn takaful sama?

    • zetamiprudential

      salam en. muhamad….boleh sms me ur number and details to 0172538179?

      1. fullname
      2. where do you live in

      prudential is our conventional company and the Prudential BSN takaful is our takaful based company…

  11. Hi there good afternoon, i am currently working as a pilot and would like to inquire if it possible in being a part time insurance agent. can u please get back to me as soon as possible.

  12. Saya berminat nak tahu bagaimana nak jadi agent? Sila contact saya dan email more info.


  13. sy minat nk join secara part time..
    tp sy xde degree..
    cuma sy pernah bekerja dengan maybank selama 2 tahun di bahagian credit department..

  14. Hi En amirol,
    I am interested to becoming an insurance agent as my part time job but i have no experience in this field, could you give me a little bit explanation on how to do for my new step.
    Kindly I need you help.

  15. mohd shahrulaffandi bin yahaya

    saya berminat untuk mengetahui dgn lbh lanjut

  16. Hi zetty,

    I’m in the middle of thinking of becoming an insurance or unit trust agent as a part time basis. May I know when is your introduction seminar / talk as an agent?

    I would like to learn more about it before deciding on which company I may represent.

    Please email me the details.

    Thank you.

    • zetamiprudential

      Hi Fazlee, the Introduction talk is on Tuesday 830 at PM at Jaya33 Level 9, Jalan Semangat, PJ. Please let me know at 0172538179 to book your seat

  17. i would like to ask about retirement fund..

    1) do prudential have a specific plan for this
    2) whats d rate – flexible
    3) payment method – deduct from salary or manually bank in every month
    4) how to start?

    • zetamiprudential

      1. YES, PRUretirement accumulator
      2. Average 16% per year
      3. Credit Card, Auto deduct salaray, Maybank2u, pay to agent, pay to branch
      4. Please check your email and we set an appoinment

  18. I’m staying in Klang. I’m interested to join as part-time agent. Any nearby Klang office?
    Thank you.

  19. Hi,

    My hubby is a malaysian. I am a Singaporean who is interested to be an agent in Malaysia. Is it possible?

  20. What advice would you give for a teenager who is seeking into business world.



  22. Hi

    What is the cost incurred to be an agent?

    • zetamiprudential


      1. Pre Contract Examination for Insurance Agents (PCEIA) – RM90
      Notes & Test Preparation Guide – RM20
      2. Certificate Examination In Investment-Linked Life Insurance (CEILLI) – RM75
      Notes & Test Preparation Guide – RM15
      3. Takaful Basic Examination – RM40.00 – including notes

  23. Salam Amirol,

    Impressed with your blog.

    Would like to join u as a Pru Wealth Planner. Believe that I have all the qualifications you stated, just that I’m a bit older….I’m 36 yrs old.


  24. salams,
    berminat nak tau lebih mendalam berkenaan kerjaya bersama Prudential ni.
    terima kasih.

  25. rahmawati mohamad

    saya berminat untuk melabur d unit trust untuk anak saya yang berumur 3 tahun pada mei 2010.berapa RM untuk unit permulaan?jika saya menambah RM100 setiap bulan, berapakah yang boleh saya perolehi jika anak saya berumur 18 tahun kelak..saya amat berharap jawapan dari encik secepat mungkin

    • zetamiprudential

      waalaikumussalam rahmawati,

      please do sms me ur contact so dat i can further advise u on the matter…..0122234676…tq

  26. Dear Sir,

    I hear that prudential will provide basic salary of RM1500/mth for those newly join agent who reach 22k sales within the first 6 mths.. is this true, can you tell me more in details about these?

    • zetamiprudential

      yes…quite true…
      u only need 8k sales to apply…then repay back the company by cases amounted 22k u only dun get the commission for that 22k that u repay but the production counts as the 1500 for 16 months is actually an advanced financing from ur 22k sales….call me at 0122234676 for further details…tq

  27. im a newly worker in one of investment bank…but im looking a way to sell insurance as my part time income n considering prudential-bsn as a choices..
    im renting a house at bandar baru ampang right now,..wish to attend any workshop nearby..pliz reply me…thx

  28. Hi Sir, you done things well. Because internet is powerful method to to promotion…..! You are clever!

  29. i’m looking for the medical coverage as well as saving for myself and kids, let say my bugdet is around rm300 per month, which the best plan that i can get..1’m 30 years old with 2 kids 5years old girl and 1 year old son..opps can u suggest any plan for my hubby as well..29 years old..tq (^^)

  30. can u email me about the medical card coverage..


  32. i have more intesting the medical card coverage
    if more than age 55 year. how to charges the rate?

    sum insured is RM37k

    thank you.

  33. Nadym G.R. Shaik

    Sir, I do not know wheter this is the suitable place to ask, but nonetheless I would still like to do so.
    I am a student about to graduate at the end of 2010. In 3 to 5 years from now, i would like to have rm25k to rm 35k stored up to help with my aging parents and also for personal uses. I am from a third class family, and I have no income, except my PTPTN allowances.
    My question: is it possible to gain RM25k in 3 to 5 yrs starting from now?

    I’m not expecting a reply, but if you do reply, you have my utmost gratitude.Thank you.

    • firdausprudential


      I want to know how much you can save per month? Then I will proposed suitable plan with your target now. Simple calculation. You may have more than 25K if you save RM100 per month starting this Jan 2010.

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