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The Reason Why I Need Insurance….

My Client’s confession……

Here I list down five main reasons why I bought an insurance and why everybody should have one too. P/S: I am not trying to sell anything here, just stressing out something important that everyone should know.

  1. For My Own Protection – When I was about to resign from my job, I was thinking, what if I suddenly had a serious illness or involved in accident and not able to work and earn any income? what will happen to me? Yes, I still have my family, but would it be fair to burden them? Would I want to burden them? I am not married, so I cannot be asking help from my husband. Will I have enough savings for the treatment and those health related matter? Will I trouble my parents and siblings for that? Sometimes, these thought made me having sleepless nights. With an insurance policy, at least I am covered for my illnesses with adequate financial support for any expensive treatment.
  2. For My Savings – I am a business minded person which means that I am very calculative when it comes to my money but there are times that I spend money just to make myself and people who surrounds me happy. Yes, I do have my own savings in the bank and in mutual funds but with insurance, It’s another medium for me to force myself into saving a few hundred bucks monthly by contributing to my insurance premium and one thing for sure, by receiving my yearly account statement, I know where my money goes too.
  3. For My Investment – Partial of my premium will be invested into selected funds with a handsome return that you can’t resist. Absolutely a great way to have extra money and it is safer too as insurance minimize the risk factor on your investment.
  4. For My Retirement – With the hope that everything goes well without me making any major claims or withdrawals, I can retire early and receive my investments and live in Paris with my cats.
  5. For My Future – When I learned that your premium increases together with your age, I realize that I really need to have an insurance coverage as early as possible. I do not want to wait until I have my own family or other big financial commitments in life as by then, the premium to start an enrollment for my insurance will be very high and insurance company have the rights to rejects or excludes applications with health problems. Among all of the above, the main reason why I decide to take up an insurance coverage is still based on the first reason which is PROTECTION. In case of any accidents or serious illnesses, there will be a strong financial support for myself and my family.


Prudential Financial Sector Talent Enrichment Programme (FSTEP)

happy office - Prudential Financial Sector Talent Enrichment Programme (FSTEP)
PAMB is launching a  two-year Management Associate Programme to give young graduates the opportunity to maximise their talents under a meticulously crafted personal development plan.

In collaboration with the Financial Sector Talent Enrichment Programme (FSTEP) supported by Bank Negara Malaysia, successful candidates will go through a robust programme that includes outbound classroom training, job rotations, mentor-mentee relationships, visibility to senior management, as well as on-the-job technical and soft skills development.

We would like you to partner us in our search for such talents and encouraging them to apply for our Management Associate Programme. The intake will begin in January 2011. Please find more information about the programme as well as the criteria for selection in the file attached below.

For your information, we are placing an advertisement in the Star newspaper on 2 October 2010. We would appreciate if you could ask anyone who is interested to refer to it.

So, if you know anyone who will be graduating by end of this year or with up to 2 years working experience, please help us by asking them to email their resumes to

Closing date for this application is 22 October 2010.

Sheila Majid's Dengarkanlah Contest. Closing date today! 20 September 2010

Sheila Majid’s Dengarkanlah Contest by Prudential Malaysia. Closing date today! 20 September 2010

sheila majids dengarkanlah contest closing date today 20 september 2010 - Sheila Majid's Dengarkanlah Contest. Closing date today! 20 September 2010

Join the contest now!

Dont wait! Change your lifestyle now. Become a Prudential Wealth Planner with us!

news 20100121 1 - Dont wait! Change your lifestyle now. Become a Prudential Wealth Planner with us!

I would like to invite you to join my agency as Prudential Wealth Planer.

Im looking for  energetic individual with  high determination to change their lifestyle and have better working environment with promising career advancement.

1. Male or Female

2. Below 35 years old

3. Have own transport

4. Prefer with diploma/degree from any field.

5. My office is in Bangi Sentral Bandar Baru Bangi, so we need people who are able to be at office at 8.00am daily.

Prudential offers great commission scheme for their agent (repeating commission for 6 years). Please refer below for 2 years income projection

comission prudential - Dont wait! Change your lifestyle now. Become a Prudential Wealth Planner with us!

Plus, oversea trip rewards (StarClub, 2010 is Egypt), gifts reward, dinner reward, cash reward and many more.

starclub egypt - Dont wait! Change your lifestyle now. Become a Prudential Wealth Planner with us!


change your life with prubsn - Dont wait! Change your lifestyle now. Become a Prudential Wealth Planner with us!

Contact us if you want change your life and start chasing your dream.

dsc04410 - Dont wait! Change your lifestyle now. Become a Prudential Wealth Planner with us!

Contact Number : 012 273 6836 or 012 223 4676

Email /

Office :


Jalan Medan Pusat Bandar 8A,

Bangi Sentral,

43650 Bandar Baru Bangi,


Aidilfitri Promotion. Sign up Prudential or Prudential BSN Takaful Policy with me now!

dsc00073 - Aidilfitri Promotion. Sign up Prudential or Prudential BSN Takaful Policy with me now!

Aidilfitri Promotion. Sign up Prudential or Prudential BSN Takaful Policy with me now! Before Hari Raya Aidilfitiri. Get yourself fun and cool Bekas Kuih Raya from Prudential. *while stock last

dsc00074 - Aidilfitri Promotion. Sign up Prudential or Prudential BSN Takaful Policy with me now!

Cutline gone????

cutline gone - Cutline gone????

I opened my blog to see that my theme had been changed from Cultine to Caaroline. WordPress changed the theme without my knowledge and i lost all my widgets.

WordPress please answer this!

Is this some sort of joke???
How come this change is made without any warning to users???
Do you have any idea of the troubles this unplanned change is causing???

Dear visitor, this blog is under major renovation as many info gone. This blog will be ready by next week.

Unlimited Call Malaysia, Panggilan Telefon Tanpa Had

logo aiw - Unlimited Call Malaysia, Panggilan Telefon Tanpa Had

As insurance agent, making a phone call is part of my working life. My phone bills increasing monthly as my client database increased.

Hence, i need economy solution for this. I found Unlimited Call Malaysia on the net and immediately subscribe. Wow! Now I only spend RM150 per month for phone bills and go for unlimited phone calls to any numbers in Malaysia!

if you are insurance agent, marketing executive, MLM members. I highly recommend you using this service.

To clients and prospects, starting from today, you just can miss called me.  or sms me ” Please call me “. No problem, I call you back 🙂 .

Rashid Sidek H1N1

3174012588 f6b81a0ef6 - Rashid Sidek H1N1

It was a bad day for national coaches and brothers Rashid and Misbun Sidek yesterday.

Rashid’s son was confirmed positive for A(H1N1) and this saw the National Sports Institute (NSI) taking immediate precautions by getting the Thomas-Uber Cup players screened.

NSI director general Dr Ramlan Aziz said that several players were taken to the NSI in Bukit Jalil to have their temperatures checked.

“So far, all the players screened tested negative. We will continue to monitor the situation.”

Rashid did not turn up for training yesterday as he wanted to be with his son.

Misbun, meanwhile, was awfully quiet during training at Stadium Juara in Bukit Kiara – because of a painful jaw.

“It is quite painful and I cannot open my mouth properly. I was eating nuts on Thursday when my jaw locked. Fortunately, I will be better in the next two days,” said Misbun.

Yesterday, it was confirmed that women’s singles shuttlers Lydia Cheah and Julia Wong are out of the Uber Cup team for good after the tournament referee accepted the Badminton Association of Malaysia’s (BAM) request to replace the injured duo.

The Badminton World Federation (BWF) confirmed that Sannatasah Saniru and Sonia Cheah would be the replacements.


Situasi Semasa Influenza A (H1N1) 19 April 2010

h1n1 malaysia - Situasi Semasa Influenza A (H1N1) 19 April 2010

Sehingga jam 8:00 pagi pada 19 April 2010, Kementerian menerima hanya satu laporan kejadian kluster ILI. Kejadian kluster tersebut berlaku di SMK Bukit Sentosa 2, Bukit Sentosa Rawang, Selangor melibatkan dua orang pelajar. Seorang diberi rawatan sebagai pesakit luar manakala seorang lagi dimasukkan ke wad. Kedua-duanya diberi rawatan antiviral.  Kementerian masih menunggu keputusan sampel tekak yang diambil.

Sementara itu, sehingga jam 5:30 petang 18 April 2010, sejumlah 31 kes disahkan Influenza A(H1N1) dilaporkan menjadikan jumlah terkumpul kes adalah 13,158. Jumlah kes ILI yang masih dirawat di dalam wad di seluruh negara adalah sebanyak 550 kes. Daripada jumlah tersebut, 66 kes (12.0%) telah disahkan positif influenza A(H1N1). Terdapat dua (2) kemasukan baru ke Unit Rawatan Rapi (ICU) manakala seorang telah didiscaj menjadikan bilangan dirawat di ICU sebanyak 13 kes di mana sepuluh (10) daripadanya mempunyai faktor-faktor risiko.

Merujuk kepada kematian H1N1 melibatkan seorang kanak-kanak perempuan berumur empat tahun di Hospital Sibu, Sarawak yang dilaporkan oleh sebuah akhbar berbahasa Cina semalam, Kementerian ingin menjelaskan hasil dari laporan perubatan dan perbincangan pakar-pakar dari Hospital Sungai Buloh, Hospital Seremban dan Hospital Kuching, kematian dikategorikan sebagai kategori 2 iaitu, bukan disebabkan oleh H1N1 secara langsung tetapi oleh komplikasi jangkitan bakteria dalam paru-paru dan darah (“pneumococcal pneumonia and sepsis with underlying H1N1 infection”).

Kementerian Kesihatan ingin terus mengingatkan masyarakat bahawa penularan jangkitan Influenza A(H1N1) terus aktif di dalam komuniti.  Masyarakat  perlu sentiasa mengamalkan langkah-langkah pencegahan yang telah dihebahkan sebelum ini. Orang awam yang mempunyai faktor risiko seperti ibu hamil, menghidapi penyakit kronik seperti asma, diabetes, buah pinggang, jantung dan lain-lain, harus segera mendapatkan pelalian vaksin A(H1N1) di 104 fasiliti Kementerian seluruh negara. Hasil pemantauan pemberian vaksinasi oleh Kementerian Kesihatan mendapati vaksin ini adalah selamat tanpa sebarang kesan sampingan yang serius.

Maklumat lanjut berkenaan influenza A(H1N1) boleh didapati dengan melayari laman sesawang Kementerian Kesihatan di atau menghubungi hotline Kementerian Kesihatan di talian 03-88810200/0300.

Sekian dan terima kasih.

Ketua Pengarah Kesihatan Malaysia

Tarikh: 19 April 2010

Proton Concept Car 2010 Geneva

proton concept cars - Proton Concept Car 2010 Geneva
This is the first picture of a hybrid Proton concept that has been designed by the Italdesign Giugiaro studio and is said to preview a production model.

The four-seat, five-door hatchback is 3550mm in length, but Giugiaro says it is “set to revolutionise traditional segmentation in the car market” and “was developed with the aim of optimising the available onboard space and car access ergonomics”.

The car, which is built on an all-new, Giugiaro-designed platform, is higher than a traditional supermini, and has a raised floorpan that accommodates the hybrid system’s batteries at the rear.

The hybrid system includes an internal combustion engine fitted at the front used to recharge the lithium ion batteries, while the drive is fully electric.

Further pictures and details are set to be revealed ahead of its Geneva motor show unveiling on 2 March.

Here are the released details:

  • The car is a creative collaboration with Italdesign Giugiaro.
  • The concept car will have 5 doors and will seat 4.
  • It is 3,550 meters in length, which is approximately a good half a meter longer than the Toyota iQ but shorter than the Proton Savvy.
  • The four seats will be independently adjustable and slideable.
  • Seat hip-points will be the same height as that typical of an SUV, allowing easier entry and exit. This will probably also mean a high-ish seating position.
  • The car will use a series hybrid drive. A combustion engine will be mounted at the front and will be used only to recharge lithium ion batteries.
  • The lithium ion batteries will drive the motor that moves the car.
  • It uses a special chassis with a raise floor that allows installation of the regular combustion engine at the front and batteries in the rear

Source : Autocar UK Download Press Release