Introducing Pru Flexi Med!

pruflexi med - Introducing Pru Flexi Med!

PruFlexi Med Schedule of Benefits

Hot off the shelf, Prudential recently launched its latest medical rider, PruFlexi Med, that can be attached to PruLink One or PruLife Ready investment-linked policies. PruFlexi Med is another alternative medical plan to the existing PruHealth medical rider. In fact, both PruHealth and PruFlexi Med are pretty similar in terms of coverage.

So, what is PruFlexi Med medical rider all about? The list below briefly summarize the features of this new medical rider:

  1. Highly customizable medical plan to suit your medical needs – in terms of the daily room & board rate and annual limit.
  2. No co-insurance, but can opt for zero or RM300 deductible.
  3. No more 10% payment/penalty if exceed room & board (R & B) rate – if you stay in the room with higher than your R & B rate, you only need to top up the difference. If you stay in a room with lower R & B rate, Prudential will reimburse you the difference.
  4. Lifetime limit = 20x annual limit.
  5. If compared to PruHealth, PruFlexi Med has higher ICU coverage (60d) and pre-hospitalization treatment days (90d).

pruflexi med benefit - Introducing Pru Flexi Med!

Simplified as below:

Schedule of Benefits: PruFlexi Med
. Type of medical plan: ILP Medical Rider
. Room rate: To be decided on purchase.
Min: 100/d (can increase multiple of 50/d)
Max: 400/d
. Room & Board (R & B) (days) 120
. ICU (days) 60
. Pre-hospitalization Treatment (days) 90
. Post-hospitalization Treatment (days) 90
. Emergency Accidental Out-patient Limit 2% of annual limit
. Emergency Accidental Out-patient (days) Subject to annual limit
. Home Nursing Care 180 days/lifetime. As charged.
. Kidney Dialysis As charged
. Cancer Treatment As charged
. Miscellaneous Highly customizable plan.

If you stay in a room with lower R & B rate, the difference will be refunded to you.

If you stay in a room with higher R & B rate, you just have to pay the difference.

. Annual Limit Min: 50,000 (can increase multiple of 10,000)
Max: 200,000
. Lifetime Limit 20x annual limit
. Co-insurance No co-insurance, but can opt for zero or 300 deductible

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  1. Hi, I would like to request quotation:
    Age: 22
    My job: Class 1
    Room rate: 300
    Annual Limit: 150k
    Benefit term: 80 Y.O


    • zetamiprudential

      Hi Jack,
      I need more information for me to generate a proper quoation for you..please check your mail…tq

  2. would like to request quotation for my kid:
    1. My job – class 1
    2. R&B allowance – RM300 and RM200 (request for 2 quotation)
    3. Annual limit – 100k
    4. Deductible amount – RM300
    5. Benefit term – 100years
    6. No prusaver and investment

    • zetamiprudential

      Hi Mr. mahaniz, Still waiting for your reply on the email that I have sent to you earlier. thank you.

  3. Hi
    I’m looking for a medical card that covers hospitalisation n clinic visits for myself and my 4 kids. Pls advise.

  4. i’m interested in medical card that cover myself and my family (husband & my 3 children). please consult.

  5. Cost of Life Insurance :-Cost of life insurance ultimately depends on many factors including your age, gender, weight, if you’re a smoker, the amount you wish to take out, the period you plan on taking it out for, whether you’re a healthy weight, have an illness (terminal or not) and whether or not you work in a hazardous environment.

  6. Veloo Doraisamy

    My age is 56 and I am interested to get a medical card for myself and combine card for family. can you suggest

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