Samsung Galaxy Note Challenge 2012

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Get a new Samsung Galaxy Note if you produce 30K  API before April 2012. Incentive by Prudential to all Prudential’s agent.

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9 responses to “Samsung Galaxy Note Challenge 2012

  1. what a great contest….is it still available now?

  2. how to claim the matured policy? thanks…

    • zetamiprudential

      bring your original policy book…go to any of our prudential branches and cash out your matured policy.

  3. Hi Prudential…a friend of mine is trying to an agent whom she had met in
    Indonesia..Anita_Lindawaty wants to contact >megat elyas zabidi
    but do not know of the name of the agency..please help.Thanks!!! is her email!!!
    Thank you

  4. For new wealth planner, when is the deadline

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