Great News…..Prudential is Introducing New Riders…!

2012 02 29 18 29 38 001 - Great News.....Prudential is Introducing New Riders...!untitled - Great News.....Prudential is Introducing New Riders...!

Prudential New Medical Card, No Co-insurance, No co-payment and it’s cashless!

Good News! Prudential have new riders line up for us to help our existing customers to upgrade their benefits and the riders will help us to expand our business to new customers.
New Rider 1:

Crisis Defender: Provides additional lump sum benefit upon diagnosis of any of the selected 36 critical illnesses.

New Rider 2:

Early Crisis Protector: Provides lump sum benefit upon diagnosis of early critical illnesses (low and medium severity) and “specified diabetic complications”.

New Rider 3:

PRUflexi Med: New medical rider provides the flexibility to select Room & Board allowance. Room & Board allowance claims does not accelerate the annual limit. Option to select annual limit from RM50k to RM200k. Lifetime limit at 20 times of annual limit.

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  5. 1) What are the panel clinics covered by PRUclinic care?
    2) How much do we have to pay monthly on top of our current conribution for these New Riders plan?

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