Diarrhea and High Fever – Prudential BSN Takaful Medical Card’s Claim

cheque prudential malaysia diarrhea and high fever - Diarrhea and High Fever - Prudential BSN Takaful Medical Card’s Claim

My client age 5 months admitted to the hospital (Hospital Pusrawi KL) . Based on the medical report the doctor declare it as Diarrhea and High Fever.

discharge fever - Diarrhea and High Fever - Prudential BSN Takaful Medical Card’s Claim

diarrhea and high fever prudential malaysia medical card s claim - Diarrhea and High Fever - Prudential BSN Takaful Medical Card’s Claim

Claim made the next day after discharge. And claim’s cheque received on 6 September 2010. Waiting time is 15 days.

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  1. tujuan nya sama untuk dapatkan rawatan. jd kalu kita prefer go to hospital kerajaan, silalah ke hospital kerajaan. jika itu lebih memudahkan kita. bagi yang ada medical card buat apa pegi hospital gomen. bayar sama saje tiap2 bulan2. takde kurang/takde lebih.kemudahan telah disediakan.

    contoh1: kalau kita dah beli kereta., kenapa kita pilih untuk jalan kaki? lain lah kalau kita tak beli kereta tersebut. that is the point.

    cuba dlu baru tau. pengalaman sendiri lebih berguna.

  2. Hi Firdaus ..nak tnya..adakah PruBSN Medical Card and Prudential Medical Card benda yang sama??


  4. LOL………:D

  5. My previous comment has been taken off for unknown reason?????
    Jo…you are right, now the car insurance policy has silently started to raise without the client knowledge because of uncontrolled claim as you mentioned. This sooner or later will happen in medical industry and more people will be affected. I wish to point out the true situation of buying medical insurance, this is the readers right. If this message is deleted again, then I will convey this message to the administrator. Thanks administrator

    • zetamiprudential

      Your comment is not yet approved by me. I never delete your comment. Which admin you are talking about? I am the admin. This my blog. It is up to me to approve the comment or not. This is not forum and if you are so brave please use real name. No just simply put “PRIVATE”.

  6. Yes…but some insurance agents denied that. If the situation persist (the hospital charging higher & higher), no matter how high your protection, it is still not enough. The fat one will be the private hospital, insurance agent & insurance company. The loser definitely the client and next generation (paying higher premium). I suggest buy what you need and don’t make the insurance claim like ‘doing’ business & earning money…..this is ridiculous.

    • zetamiprudential

      Yes Mr Private, please do call me at 012 2234676, at least I can know your real name and real email please.

      Paying premium of RM100 and you get protection of RM500K, who are fat here sir?

  7. talisworks. It is similar to the the claim charged by car workshop to insurance company when someone got involved with accident. Ridiculous claims.

    • zetamiprudential

      My car just got an accident. RM8K repair been covered by MSIG. No hassle. and i didnt top up any money. Please call XIN WORKSHOP kepong. Tel : 03-62571238

  8. This is the government RIGHT move to curb the uncontrolled charges by the hospital.


  9. What I said is true…..there is discrepancies between charges for self-paying patients and those with insurance…..(how come you don’t know about it????)

  10. This is the PROOF of the misuse of medical insurance…..read this http://www.thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2010/12/28/nation/20101228170839&sec=nation

  11. Dear Sir, with the comment from this professor today, http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2010/12/2/focus/7529272&sec=focus. Is prudential authority going to control hospital claim? or let it worsen? Have confident with government hospital.

    If the medication charges is 300X more expensive than the pharmacy? What is prudential authority going to do? Or just pay whatever the hospital is asking?

  12. I’m not a doctor but I have doctor friends from government as well as private that is why I more or less know a bit about the misuse of the private hospital especially for those who have medical card. They use to share their experience with me during their practice. I will go to the government hospital definitely and to private hospital when it is needed. Thanks.

    • zetamiprudential

      Ya, it is true private sector is making lots of money with their ridiculous price tag. Misuse of medical card, from my experience, i don’t think so. The price is just the same, if you are using Medical Card or paying cash. No different.

      For me, i will never go to government hospital anymore. Unless been refer by the private hospital.

      Yes, the pakar still there in government hospital.

  13. RM2825 4 night stays for diarrhoea with fever? What has been done? Diarrhoea with fever is not the diagnosis. Is the price justified?

    • firdausprudential

      Yes. Room alone is around RM900 , medicine and injection around RM1K, doctor consultation RM1K plus

      • I don’t think do. Sir. 90% of infant diarrhoea is due to viral infection and only drip is required with simple medicine. Go to government hospital, only fluid treatment is sufficient. Room alone is RM900, wow. this is more expensive than 5 star hotel. I don’t think it is justified. Go to government hospital, the fees is only hundred ringgit plus only.

      • zetamiprudential

        It is up to you sir. If you don’t want to pay insurance and love to be government hospital. It is okay with me. Im just an agent to spread the awareness of medical card.

        Maybe you are older than me, hence you have more experience in life . But working as an agent, i have lots of experience regarding hospitalization and lots of bad things happen in government hospital. Not i heard the story from somebody else. It is actually happen to me, my friends and my clients.

        Regarding questioning the treatment done in hospital due to diarrhea, perhaps you are expert in treatment or you actually a doctor. The post title is diarrhea and fever. so there are medication for the fever. plus nurse care and equipment fees need to counted in the bills.

        in the end, it is up to you sir. please go to government hospital as you please.

  14. Boleh saya tahu Medical Card ni cover overseas hospitalisation tak??
    in case sakit time holiday/vacation, mcm mana??

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