Acute Bronchitis – Prudential Malaysia Medical Card’s Claim

acute bronchitis prudential malaysia claim - Acute Bronchitis - Prudential Malaysia Medical Card's Claim

My client age 4 months upon admission to the hospital (Hospital Pusrawi KL) . Based on the medical report the doctor declare it as Acute Bronchitis.

pusrawi discharge report - Acute Bronchitis - Prudential Malaysia Medical Card's Claim

But why claim? Not medical card “cashless” system?

The answer is, upon policy approval, protection start after 30 days of approval . But medical card waiting period is 90 days.

Less than 90 days, you may go to the hospital under reimbursement basis scheme. After 90 days, medical card system activated.

*You need to contact your agent if you are admitted to the hospital less than 90 days after policy approved.Contact your agent as the agent need to help you in doing the claim. There are few forms and procedure need to be done.

How long you need to wait for the claim?

My client discharge on 04.08.2010, claim made the next day (05.08.2010), the claim received on 20.08.2010 . (The cheque date is 19.08.2010)

pusrawi prubsn receipt1 - Acute Bronchitis - Prudential Malaysia Medical Card's Claim

7 responses to “Acute Bronchitis – Prudential Malaysia Medical Card’s Claim

  1. Siti Nuraliana

    klu after 90days betul boleh cover ke acute bronchitis (reimburse)? Tak perlu tgu 120 hari?

    • zetamiprudential

      Belum boleh lagi siti…u must wait after the full 120 days cooling off period sebab bronchitis is still considered dlm category 7 specific illness.

  2. Hi, just want to ask for a question, prubsn reimbursed the policy owner base on the amount of total charges charged by hospital to the customer or the some amount that was agreed by prubsn in the policy? is it possible the amount reimbursed by prubsn to the policy owner/holder is greater than the amount charged by hospitals.

    • zetamiprudential

      Amount charged by hospital with subject to 10% of coinsurance with min RM300 and max RM1000.

      Yes, the amount possible to be greater if you add Hospital Benefits rider.

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  4. Salam.firdaus saya ingatkan due to accident saja yg boleh reimburse? Sakit yg u mention pun boleh reimburse.

    • All type of illnesses boleh claim under medical card plan. Bukan setakat accident. Yang accidenat sahaja we called it PA or Personal Accident.

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