Agency Financing Scheme 2010 (AFS)

agency financing scheme 2010 afs - Agency Financing Scheme 2010 (AFS)

Agency Financing Scheme 2010
Recruitment plays an important role in order to ensure we have the strength in numbers to achieve
our targets and goals. With the new enhanced Agency Financing Scheme 2010, this would in turn
help to spur recruitment activities and also serve as a recruitment tool for the Wealth Managers.
1. Eligibility
1.1 Full Time agent who is fresh from industry, tenacious, hardworking, has aptitude and
passion to explore insurance business with financial support.
1.2 Part-time agent contracted with the Company for less than 6 months is eligible to apply
for this scheme. However, he must first convert to be a Full-time agent.
The new agent must produce a minimum 8,000 Nett Production Credit (NPC) in the current financial
year prior to applying AFS. This shall be applicable to all AFS applications received after 31st March

2. Financing

A financing scheme for a period of 15 months will be granted to the successful agent. The
financing amount from the 10th month onwards will be gradually tapered down whilst
maintaining the same aggregate amount of financing.
Monthly financing granted is dependent on the agent’s highest level of academy (Table 1) and
subject to 80% of the agent’s last drawn salary.

afs table - Agency Financing Scheme 2010 (AFS)tapered model afs - Agency Financing Scheme 2010 (AFS)

4. Training and Development
After the AFS agent has been successfully enrolled for the AFS scheme, he is required to
attend the predescribed training program, i.e PRUessential Training (residential).
The course fee for PRUessential is at a subsidized rate of RM600 which will be deducted over
4 installment of RM150 each month.

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  1. Cassie Chong Yee Ling

    I’m interested with this scheme. Can u pls call me for further details? Thanks.

  2. salam.

    i want to know also about the answer that ms catherine asked. can u email me. 1 more question after the period afs, do i get the commision for the sales? tq

  3. salam zeti and amirul…

    i have same concern with rafi and ms catherine.. could u email me?
    regarding the table 1..
    is it monthly sales target or yearly sales target

    • zetamiprudential

      yes en. aidil…i have emailed you back regarding the matter…did you receive it?if u dont…please reply back and let me know…thank you

  4. hi.. salam. could you pls enlighten me the same matters asked by Ms.Catherine? very interested here.. thank you

  5. Yoni Sulaiman

    I would like to ask question if i qualified for this scheme. let say my monthly financing i receive will be RM 2,000. How much the minimum do i have to produce a month or a 15 months? Please give me the answer immediately. Thank You

  6. Hi Amirol, I have been looking into this AFS programme, saw a few other websites, but yours has the most updated info, would like to ask a few questions:

    1. How will the financing amount be gradually tapered down in 10th month?? What is the lowered amount?
    2. What if I under perform in a particular month, will my financing amt be reduced or is there other penalties?
    3. How will the company monitor my performance?
    4. Can you briefed more on the training programs?
    5.. Is there any other incentive/ special rewards for the participants, besides the monthly financing?
    6. If I drop out from the programme, do I have to pay back the previous financing amount that I’ve received?

    Would really appreciate your feedbacks. thx!!!

    • zetamiprudential

      cat…cud u email to me ur contact number so that i can further explain to you on the matter?thank you

  7. Dear Sir,

    If there is an agent has applied in AKPK scheme recently, would he or she be eligible to apply under this Agency Financing Scheme???

    Your urgent advise in this matter will be very much appreciated.


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