Proton Concept Car 2010 Geneva

proton concept cars - Proton Concept Car 2010 Geneva
This is the first picture of a hybrid Proton concept that has been designed by the Italdesign Giugiaro studio and is said to preview a production model.

The four-seat, five-door hatchback is 3550mm in length, but Giugiaro says it is “set to revolutionise traditional segmentation in the car market” and “was developed with the aim of optimising the available onboard space and car access ergonomics”.

The car, which is built on an all-new, Giugiaro-designed platform, is higher than a traditional supermini, and has a raised floorpan that accommodates the hybrid system’s batteries at the rear.

The hybrid system includes an internal combustion engine fitted at the front used to recharge the lithium ion batteries, while the drive is fully electric.

Further pictures and details are set to be revealed ahead of its Geneva motor show unveiling on 2 March.

Here are the released details:

  • The car is a creative collaboration with Italdesign Giugiaro.
  • The concept car will have 5 doors and will seat 4.
  • It is 3,550 meters in length, which is approximately a good half a meter longer than the Toyota iQ but shorter than the Proton Savvy.
  • The four seats will be independently adjustable and slideable.
  • Seat hip-points will be the same height as that typical of an SUV, allowing easier entry and exit. This will probably also mean a high-ish seating position.
  • The car will use a series hybrid drive. A combustion engine will be mounted at the front and will be used only to recharge lithium ion batteries.
  • The lithium ion batteries will drive the motor that moves the car.
  • It uses a special chassis with a raise floor that allows installation of the regular combustion engine at the front and batteries in the rear

Source : Autocar UK Download Press Release

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