Which one should I choose? Why Prudential Medical Card?

which one why prudential medical card pruhealth malaysia prudential malaysia - Which one should I choose? Why Prudential Medical Card?

There are lots of medical card in the market. Why Prudential best of all?

1. Prudential medical card is guaranteed renewal and non-cancelable. Not all company have this features which they have right to terminate your policy if you are claim too much or you are to risky for the company to insured. With Prudential your will be us forever and not will be canceled.

2. We gives hospital allowance to private hospitals and government hospitals. Eg. RM350 per day. Our competitor only gives hospital allowance if you are admitted in any government hospital. So what the purpose of having medical insurance if you want to be admitted in government hospital right?

3. We have the best private hospitals in Malaysia for you medical treatment.

4. We will gives you bonuses if you didn’t make any claim in a year. Eg, RM500

5. If you are diagnosed with Critical Illness, your premium will be paid by Prudential. No more payment taken from you.  If you pay for your kids insurance, Prudential also paid the premium for them.  No payment but you and family still under coverage by Prudential.

6. Prudential medical card is our product. Handle and manage by us. Our competitor use third party company to manage medical card operation. You know if too many party participant in your claim process, error and delay will happen.

7.Prudential Medical Card have the best and big limit coverage, up to RM1.5 Million.

8. Prudential been in Malaysia since 1924 and trusted by many. Not many company survived from 1924 till today. This shown our financial is strong and able to protect you.

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18 responses to “Which one should I choose? Why Prudential Medical Card?

  1. Hi,
    1.Let’s say we already have insurance(saving) from other company like ambank, MNI and takaful malaysia, can we just apply solely for medical card? It would be cheaper right? How much it would be?I heard friends spending around RM200 per month cause they take medic card + savings.
    2. The lowest limit is RM50k per year right? If our bill is more than that, how??

    • zetamiprudential

      1. How old are you sir? If you are looking below RM100 medical card, Prudential didnt offer that. We didnt offer stand alone medical card as it is not renewal guaranteed.

      2. Contract just cover RM50K. Bill more than 50K, you have to pay the extra. simple as that sir.

  2. is not about i representing whom..
    u as agent have to tell everything to your client..not only good thing…


    • zetamiprudential

      IJN is our panel. Please check latest update October 2009. Pictures presenting update September 2009.

      Im telling 100% what client should know. We have all the best private hospital in Malaysia. The update list keep changing and i update my existing client and of course i didnt tell every update to my new client.

      is it not important to show every update to your new client, this is our hospital list on 2006, this is on 2007, this is on 2008.

      hospital list change for better to Prudential client. Example. Apollo hospital in Taping change to brand new Columbia Hospital.

      Only the best to the policy holder, not all hospital in Malaysia. You have the best and others is unnecessary.

      If you have KFC, Mcdonald, Kenny Rogers, A&W and other big name is the list, do you want to include other fast food franchise in the list?

      We have


      and major private hospital in each state. more than one for each state. is it not enough?

      download list here


  3. where is my post?why u deleted?

    • zetamiprudential

      comments subject to moderation and approval. and i never delete your post.

      hence im not around front of PC, then your comment is waiting my moderation. Plus, too many comments from one user, wordpress system detect it as spam.

      why u arguing about your post?

      this is personal blog and not public forum. all content and post are subject to me.

      if you intend to discuss about Prudential, you may find yourself a forum. i actively in several forum. we may continue there.

  4. yes if only upgrade room ..max(RM1000 also)..if not upgrade then is free no need to pay any single cents..prudential..upgrade or not upgrade still have to pay co insurance..there is no such thing only goverment hospital can claim allowance infact there got very wide private hospital panel..why prudential the panel hospital become less?

    • zetamiprudential

      looks like you are well verse in insurance industry. insurance agent perhaps?

      no upgrade on room – you doesn’t have to pay anything.

      upgrade room – 10% co-insurance needed.

      Medical Insurance is whole-life insurance, that mean room’s price today, will never same next 3 5 10 15 years later. So co-insurance is definitely a must for you.

      and of course you will said, I can upgrade the plan.

      Think back upgrade means more money on premium. Upgrade when you are getting older, means more expensive compare to current price.

      Upgrade – need more money for whole life!
      Co-insurance – need money only when you are sick once in a while.

      Which is one is more financially make sense?

      By the way we are fighting on RM400 need to be paid once (when u are sick) , not another RM400 extra yearly when you upgrade the plan, just to make sure you didn’t pay the co-insurance.

      “there is no such thing only government hospital can claim allowance” – YES. Please let more other insurance company plan.

      Prudential panel hospital become less? NO.

      if you found the best solutions for yourself, then it is up to you to judge miss.

      end of the day service, company reputation, claim record and non cancellation and guaranteed renewal medical card is the thing you need to ensure first.

  5. other insurance company that approached me without co insurance..and hospital allowance that we get is 100% go to my pocket ..prudential hospital allowance have to pay for co insurance..if we get rm600 allowance from prudential and the co insurance is rm 600 ..so no hospital allowance go to my pocket ..so the allowance that’s prudential give to me actually they will take it back ..

  6. if i admitted for 2 day but the bill is 10k ..co insurance is rm1000 ..allowance only rm600..i still have to pay rm 400 …so anyhow i have to spend money..that’s is burden for me also..how if my allowance only rm100 a day…more money i have to spend..

    • zetamiprudential

      Hi zana,

      yes co-insurance is maximum RM1000 (you will no spend more than RM1K) . no matter what, there are certain amount of money must be taken out from your wallet due to emergency case. Not just the bills, there are amount of money will be needed due to unthinkable happen. *transportation, food, part time maid, overtime charge for nursery, relatives coming in (rest place and food need to be ready for them)

      if RM400 a burden for you due to emergency case (not leisure) , then I truly cant help you. Im sorry.

      We should have emergency savings in our life. Insurance been covering you for the rest of the bills (RM9600) . RM9600 or RM400 burdening you?

      Option not to have medical insurance is the worst as total RM10K on your shoulder.

      RM10k for 2 days is unusually happen. RM10K for major operation and hospitalization which consist several days in hospital , test, lab test, monitoring and etc. which is more than 4 days.

  7. My agent informed me that I would have to pay 10% (min rm300, max rm1k) of the hospitalisation fee. The other medical card that I was checking out (ING) doesnt have this. Do you have another medical card that doesnt require a 10% payment?

    • zetamiprudential

      Prudential Medical Card with 10% co-insurance but max RM1000.

      Example bills RM5K, you need to pay RM500
      Example bills RM50K, you need to pay RM5000? No Just RM1000

      Dont worry about this 10% co-insurance. Prudential will give you hospital allowance upon admission. RM300 per day. 7 days admission RM2100.

      If you co-insurance just RM500, pay for it . RM2100 – RM500 = RM1600.

      RM1600 is your pocket money 馃檪

  8. hi,

    for age 33, male, currently work at homw
    how much premium for the medical card peryear?


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