RM300K cost for cancer treatment in Malaysia

Please refer to paper cutting info below. Taken from Berita Hariankeratan akhbar prudential medical card barah rawar rm300000 - RM300K cost for cancer treatment in Malaysia

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6 responses to “RM300K cost for cancer treatment in Malaysia

  1. yes, Mr. Calvin, pls update ur knowledge before complain, i m 1 of prudential customer, now prudential already came out with the rider which is “PRUannual limit waiver”, can cover up to rm1.5Millions without annual limit.. i believe tat prudential medical plan is the stronger in malaysia right now.

  2. hi can we as Singaporean buy and in the event of claim , is it restricted to malaysia hospitals ?

    • zetamiprudential

      Mr. Andrew, yes you can buy a policy from Malaysia but our medical card can be used on our panel hospitals in Malaysia only.

  3. Calvin, insurance company can’t cheat people. They are governed by bank negara. U as a consumer must be the one to read every print on the brochure and policy. Often times, policyholders are ignorant of the stuff they buy.
    (Don’t marah me yet; i don’t work for insurans company nor an agent. I am also a consumer like yourself 馃檪 )

  4. Dun simply publish Tat ur medical card can cover up to RM300k. How much does ur medical card can cover up to a year. Pls dun simply publish untrue statement. Be ethical. U r the reason why a lot of people say insurance cheat people.

    • zetamiprudential

      Hi, Mr Calvin. Do not publish untrue comment if you didnt know well about Prudential plan sir.

      Our Medical Card cover card can covers up to RM1.5Millions just in one year with PRUannual limit waiver.

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