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prudential malaysia coinsurance cotakaful - Prudential Malaysia Co-insurance / Co-takaful

Prudential Medical Plan which is PRUhealth or Major Medical Cover (Prudential BSN Takaful) is subject to co-insurance or co-takaful.

What is co-insurance / co-takaful?

Co-insurance / co-takaful is a cost-sharing arrangement under which the policyholder pays a specified percentage of the cost of an eligible benefit. The remaining balance is paid by the Company.

How much is Prudential Malaysia co-insurance / co-takaful?


10% co-insurance with minimum RM300 and maximum RM1000.


Hospital bill RM2000 – 10% co-insurance is RM200 – NO as minimum RM300 – Total payment is RM300

Hospital bill RM5000 – 10% co-insurance is RM500 – Total payment is RM500

Hospital bill RM50,000 – 10% co-insurance is RM5000 – NO as minimum RM1000 – Total payment is RM1000


10% co-insurance with maximum RM2000.

Other insurance company didn’t charge co-insurance or given smaller scale of co-insurance?

The answer is YES. But please aware that , other insurance company will charge you 20% co-insurance if you are not following the room plan.

Prudential Malaysia co-insurance is simple and pure. 10% co-insurance / co-takaful with minimum RM300 and maximum RM1000. No other small clause and conditions.

For example below is room plan for PRUHealth.

pruhealth plan - Prudential Malaysia Co-insurance / Co-takaful

If you are subscribing for PRUhealth 200 Plan, you are entitle for RM200 room.


You are taking RM200 room exactly as in plan.

Hospital bill RM50,000 – 10% co-insurance is RM5000 – NO as minimum RM1000 – Total payment is RM1000

You are taking RM220 room

Hospital bill RM50,000 – 10% co-insurance is RM5000 – NO as minimum RM1000

7 days in hospital x RM20 (extra room price) = RM140

Total payment is RM1140

But above is not applicable to another insurance company

If you are subscribing for Medical Plan which you are entitle for RM200 room.


You are taking RM200 room exactly as in plan.

Hospital bill RM50,000 – 100% paid by insurance company (NO co-insurance)


Hospital bill RM50,000 – 10% co-insurance is RM5000 – NO as minimum RM500 (Smaller scale 10% co-insurance with maximum RM500)

Total payment is RM500

You are taking RM220 room

Due to not following the plan, you be charged with 20% co-insurance

Hospital bill RM50,000 – 20% co-insurance is RM10,000 Total payment is RM10,000!!!

Prudential Co-Insurance is honest and transparent.

Prudential Malaysia co-insurance is transparent and declared in our brochure. Potential customer aware of this co-insurance before signing up.

With 10% co-insurance with min RM300 and max RM1000 is the best! We are not charging you extra because of not following the plan.

The truth is, you will never follow your plan.

You are signing up insurance for your medical protection as long as possible. You need it now and you need it 5 years and 10 years later.

How possible the room price RM200 today will be remain the same price at 5 years or 10 years later?  You know price of everything increased everyday.

If you are not with Prudential, please prepare with 20% co-insurance with no maximum limit. This is what you want? The insurance company declaring NO co-insurance up front but the small details, you will be charged 20% co-insurance if not following the plan.

It would be great if no co-insurance at all.

Before 2003, Prudential Malaysia medical card is without co-insurance. Since 2003, Prudential medical card is subject to co-insurance under advised of Bank Negara Malaysia.

Dont worry about Prudential Malaysia co-insurance.

We reward you with Hospital Allowance RM250 per day if you are admitted to hospital.

RM250 x 7 days  = RM1750. Pay RM1000 for co-insurance and you take RM750 to your pocket.

Other insurance companies also giving Hospital Allowance, what is the different?

Prudential Malaysia policy holder is entitled for Hospital Allowance when they are admitted into PRIVATE and GOVERNMENT hospital.

Other insurance company giving hospital allowance only if you are admitted into GOVERNMENT hospital. The question here is, what is the purpose of rewarding the policy holder if they are admitted to GOVERNMENT hospital only.

We all know that, we are having Medical Card, so we have good treatment and service in PRIVATE hospital and insurance company pay the bills. Why need to go GOVERNMENT hospital when you are having a medical card?

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