Why should we buy Insurance compare to do own Savings?

save moeny - Why should we buy Insurance compare to do own Savings?


Every month you do savings of RM200.

End of the year , total accumulated RM2400 + + (Including interest) (0.3% if in saving account  3% if in Fix Deposit, 7% if in ASB)

Assume the savings constantly up to 5 years. Amounting RM12,000 ++

Unfortunately, you are diagnosed for Cancer preliminary level which need RM50,000 for treatment cost

Thanks for your savings, you have RM12,000 but you still need RM38,000.

You have 3 options to fund the balance

  • Borrow

Family and friends will try their best to help you. But to borrow RM38,000 is near impossible unless your have a very rich relative.

  • Sell your assets

Your maybe have one or two assets which can be sold. But it takes at least 6 months to sell a house for example. If your assets still under bank’s loan, yet you cant sell it off.

  • Seek for Donation

Your saw on television, people seek  donation for themselves or their kids. Need money for surgery or treatment. If you are disable or really poor , you are qualified to seek donation under the television programme. But, you are income earner like executive in one big company, you will not getting any help by the donation programme because there are more needy people out there.


Every month you do savings of RM200.

End of the year , total accumulated RM2400 + + (Including interest) (8%-9% in InvestmentLink or Takafulink plan )

In case something bad happen to you , death or total permanent disable , Sum Assured RM100,000 will be compensate to next of kin or to you. (Even you pay insurance just for one month which is RM200 )


Up to 5 years. Amounting RM12,000 ++

Unfortunately, you are diagnosed for Cancer preliminary level which need RM50,000 for treatment cost. Now Medical Card will cover all the cost for you. Limit RM500,000 per lifetime.

Plus, Rm20,000 compensation because diagnosed with one of the 36 critical illness.

Plus, when you been hospitalized, you will be receiving RM100 per day as hospital benefits.

If you unable to work and no money to pay your premium, Contributor plan will continue to pay it. As the result, you still receive Protection and your savings still continue growing until age 100.

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  1. Orite.. Thanks a lot..

  2. Salam.. Rutin kerja saya adalah menghantar barang² kompeni keluar negara.. dan sentiasa travelling. Sekejap ke German, sekejap ke Hongkong, China, Israel dan sebagainya. Saya perlukan medical card yang membolehkan saya admit di hospital luar negara kerana rata² hospital diluar negara meminta Insurance medical card. Saya pernah berjumpa agen Prudential dan dia cakap Medical Card Prudential @ Medical Card PruBSN boleh digunakan di luar negara tapi….

    Saya kene telefon sendiri Med. Assist dengan kos sendiri.. Jika saya admit, Saya perlu bayar sendiri dahulu dan kemudian baru buat claim apabila pulang ke Malaysia. Bayaran claim oleh Prudential pula dirujuk kepada kos dalam rawatan yang sama di Malaysia.

    Sebagai contoh:
    Jika di Malaysia kos pembedahan appendix around 12-15ribu (RM), kos rawatan yang sama di Luar Negara dicaj 25-35ribu (RM)… Saya hanya dapat claim mengikut harga rawatan di Malaysia iaitu 12-15ribu (RM) sahaja.. (yang mana lebih murah)

    Dalam kes ini saya kene keluarkan duit sendiri (Rugi RM10ribu).. kalau dapat claim cepat la.. Rugi.

    Kata Agen tersebut lagi.. seboleh-bolehnya Prudential akan suruh saya balik untuk buat rawatan di Malaysia untuk mengelakkan daripada rugi. Jika begitu ok, Tapi Bayaran tiket flight untuk pulang untuk buat rawatan tak dibayar oleh Prudential. Saya rugi lagi, kali ini pada tiket pula..

    Nak claim, kene dapatkan surat dari doktor tpt buat rawatan.. jika di Sudan, saya perlu kembali ke Sudan untuk dapatkan hanya sekeping surat untuk membolehkan saya claim reimbursable pada Prudential???

    Polisi Medical Card Prudential ni memang yang amat pelik dan menyusahkan costumer. Bayaran bil Telefon (Menelifon Med Assist) jika di luar negara juga tidak dibayar oleh Prudential. Kalau tipun dari dalam Negara x la mahal sangat.. biar lama mana pun.. Jika di luar negara???

    Tuan Firdaus, Sebagai AM Prudential, Tolong sarankan kepada Prudential Business Development (Sekiranya ada) dan pinda masalah ini segera kerana kerja selalu keluar negara ini tidaklah seindah seperti yang dibayangkan.. Orang² seperti kami ni tetap seperti kais pagi makan pagi jugak.

    Correct me if i heard & understand wrong from them (Prudential agent)
    u can Brief me by email.. i cant meet anybody nowdays coz i always travelling.. Time ada di rumah hanya sehari dua dan ia fully hanya untuk keluarga dan urusan keluarga saya.


    • zetamiprudential


      PRUhealth Medical Card or Takaful Medical Card cant be use at overseas. Prudential covers the overseas treatment under reimbursement basis (subject to medical card limit). The bills only payable under Malaysian standard rate.

      This is standard procedure of all insurance carrier worldwide. Cant be changed and amend. Im sorry sir.

  3. hi, pls give me quotation for life insurance plus saving for my 3 months baby. you may contact me 016-4101705 directly to get more of my particulars or either mail me. thanks.

  4. if case nothing happen to me, where the money go? Thus, some insurance very difficult to claim unless you have strong reason. is it many plan of insurance you offer?

    • zetamiprudential

      What do you mean nothing happen to you?

      Are you talking about life insurance or medical insurance?

  5. Dear sir, prudential is one of the most successful insurance company available in Malaysia.
    But for a teenager who is seeking into business world what advice would you give us?

    • zetamiprudential

      Join Prudential!

      Low capital opening up a business. Good career path and guaranteed success.

  6. im interested for saving please send quatation to me age 30 no smoke , no drink

    • firdausprudential

      i need more info please.

      1. Full Name
      2. Date of Birth
      3. Smoking or not
      4. Annual Income
      5. Contact Number
      6. Location
      7. Married/Single
      8. No of kids
      9. Occupation
      10. Travel a lot?

      sent it over to my email

  7. Salam,

    Saya mempunyai insuran dgn company bekerja..
    My husband ada etiqa insuran without medical card..
    My kids (4) org CIMB aviva tapi without medical card..

    Dalam situasi begini apa yg perlu sya ambil dan boleh tolong kirakn quotationnya..


    • zetamiprudential


      saya perlukan details mengenai etiqa insurans dan CIMB Aviva yang telah dimiliki. Supaya saya tidak proposed benefits yang sama, ini untuk mengelakkan you membayar benefits yang sama , end of the day not financially good.

      sila check emails. saya perlu berjumpa.

  8. hi ther…been looking for prudential retirement plan n also savin….wer i really can get someting in return at the end of every year….i knw u can suggest me the best here…


  9. I want to have saving and health for my husband and I also my children. Which prudential is right for us

  10. hello,i planning to get a insurance for my 4 months old baby.which plan is suitable?

  11. Hi, im interested to get one life insurance for my wife and I. Please do contact me back. I’ve emailed you.


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